August 2, 2021

Learn About The Navy Seals

US Navy’s special operation force is known as “Seals” which stands for sea, air and land. It literally denotes the areas where this elite force can operate. Spectrum of capabilities that they possess range from beach defenses, destroying enemy ships and other installations to inflicting sudden and deadly attacks on enemy troops. Historically, Seals are operative since World War II as they were known as Amphibious Scouts and Raiders then. During that war the personnel of this unit gained the reputation of being a multi-purpose destructive force. In the year 1961 President J. F Kennedy officially inaugurated the US Navy Seals. In the paragraphs below, we are going to tell you more about this group.

All those who want to join this unit have to go through a rigorous six months training called Basic Underwater Demolition. The ratio of those who pass through this grueling phase is very low as this is a true test of endurance, strength and so many other features that a candidate has to demonstrate.

Those lucky few who manage to get into this elite force are used in highly specialized, surgical, precise and deadly missions. In the modern day warfare scenario they are highly suited for use in anti terrorism, special reconnaissance, intel collection, direct strikes, unconventional combat, along side a lot of other types of missions.

Operational capabilities of the Navy Seals are enhanced to suit all types of areas and situations like, forests, mountains, sea, extreme weathers of areas like arctic and tropics and so many other regions. So these tough guys are ready to take on anything, anywhere.

Despite their destructive capabilities, Seals are trained to avoid incalculable risks and violence as they are a well trained and educated group of men. Inculcating such an attitude in the personnel of this unit requires maintaining a highly balanced attitude.

So apart from their tough routines, they have to abjure frequent socialization to maintain a reserve and focused approach. Candidates who are specially suited to maintain this attitude are selected in the first place, as in order to obtain excellence only that feature of a personality could be groomed that already exists.

Seals actual wartime successful missions are numerous but for a very long time they could not be recognized as a special force. This often marred their efficacy and utility to a greater extent. Like in 1983 tension between the US and Grenada compelled the US to invade the island in order to rescue the US citizens living there.

SEAL Teams named as, 4 (Four) and 6 (Six) were designated the task to operate alongside the US forces. Unfortunately conventional officers treated Seals attached to them to assist in the mission as just another military force. Holdup in an airborne operation became cause of four members death. However, whenever used as a special force, Navy Seals came up to the expectations and achieved the desired results, as in Afghanistan and Iraq. Despite the stories of mixed success and failure, Navy Seals services in Vietnam, Grenada and Panama and other so many troubled zones cannot be undermined, whatsoever.


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