April 12, 2021

US Navy Relief Response to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The Navy is sending 6 ships to Japan on a humanitarian relief mission in response to the devastation following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit 150 km off the coast of Japan today.

US Navy Ronald Reagan Carrier Group Japan Earthquake Response

The USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Group is underway to Japan to provide humanitarian relief in response to the devastation from the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

The USS Ronald Reagan carrier group, which includes the following ships, is currently headed to Japan according to the Navy Times:

  • Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan
  • Amphibious assault ship Essex
  • Dock landing ships Germantown, Tortuga and Harpers Ferry
  • Amphibious command ship Blue Ridge

The Navy Times also reports that all 38,000 Navy personell assigned and stationed in Japan are accounted for and are unharmed.  Navy Times also reports that there are no facilities damage in Japan.

The aircraft carrier George Washington was in port in Yokusuka Japan at the time of the earthquake, and reports no damage.

Further information about the US earthquake relief response underway by the 7th Fleet can be found here:  http://www.c7f.navy.mil/news/2011/03-march/018.htm

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