October 23, 2021

SEAL Team Six Q&A

Since the news broke that the Navy SEAL Team Six killed Osama bin Laden in a daring raid on his Abbottabad fortified compound, there has been in incredible surge of interest in finding out more about this elite group of Navy SEAL operators.  So, we’ll start with some basic questions and answers, and if your questions isn’t answered here, just post your questions in the comment section.

In no particular order:

Q.  Is there a SEAL Team Six movie, or are they featured in any movies?

A.  Not yet, but you can bet your sweet ass that this daring feat is going to be made into a movie!  There is a new book by ex Navy SEAL sniper Howard Wasdin called ‘SEAL Team Six:  Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper’.  There has been speculation that this may be optioned to make into a movie, but his time as a SEAL would not include the raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout.

UPDATE:  There is a movie from 2008 called ‘Seal Team VI’ about the SEAL Team Six insertion into Iraq 4 days prior to the start of Operation: Desert Shield, and IMDB lists it as being inspired by actual events.

Q.  Who are the Navy SEAL Team Six members that killed Osama bin Laden?

A.  Their names have not been released, and even if I knew (which I certainly do not) – there is no way I would post it here!  The names of the Navy SEAL Team Six, along with all Navy SEAL members and members of any Special Forces unit are highly classified.  These operators work in the most sensitive areas and on the most important missions.  If their identities were made public it could jeopardize their safety, or that of the missions they are on.

There has already been a call to publicly recognize these brave men as the heroes that they are – through the awarding of medals in a public ceremony.  I’m all for it – but nothing has been announced yet.  How do you feel about this?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Q.  What about famous or past members of the SEAL Team Six?

A.  Read up on Richard Marcinko.  This guy is Le-Gen-Dary.
SEAL Team Six
Q.  Will members of SEAL Team Six be at Fleet Week in New York City?

A.  Wow?!  That’s a good one!  Well, first of all – see the previous question.  No one knows who they are, and it is likely that they are in for some exhaustive debriefing and other work to finish up this historic mission.  Fleet Week NYC is coming up very soon (May 25 to June 1) and wouldn’t it be cool to go and meet the guy that killed Osama bin Laden?  Hell yeah!

Q.  How do you join the Navy SEAL Team Six?

A.  Want to join this historic band of badasses?  Well, first you have to join the Navy.  After you’ve joined the Navy, you have to be accepted to join the SEALs.  The entrance requirements are:

  • Male
  • U.S. citizen
  • 17 – 28 years old
  • Pass the Physical Screening Test
  • Pass the dive medical physical
  • Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery with the required scores
  • Be eligible for a Secret-level security clearance.

( Source:  Navy.com )

Q.  What kind of training do Navy SEALs get?

A.  Every Navy SEAL goes through BUD/S, which stands for Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training, and includes:

Phase 1 is 8 weeks of physical conditioning, which ends with Hell Week.

Phase 2 is 8 weeks of diving and underwater training.

Phase 3 is 9 weeks of Land Warfare training.

If you complete all of BUD/S, there is an additional 3 weeks of basic parachute training, followed by the 28 week SEAL Qualification Training (SQT).

This is only the beginning of the training that a Navy SEAL operator receives, as they are constantly training depending on the mission they are preparing for, and on new weapon systems and tactics.

Q.  What kind of workout do Navy SEALs do?

A.  Lots of running, swimming, and low-tech calisthenics like sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups.  For more information on the Navy SEAL workout, check out their Physical Training Guide.  The training guide is only the tip of the iceberg, however.  If you want the full scoop on how to condition your body to perform at the highest level, as demanded by Navy SEAL training and operations – you’ve got to read the much longer and more comprehensive US Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide.

Q.  What is the Seal Team Six Workout?

A.  They do the same workout that the rest of the SEALs do, but they eat Al Qaeda for breakfast.

Q.  What kind of workout do I need to do to prepare for BUD/s, to prepare to join the SEALs?

A.  You need to learn about these types of workouts:  Long Slow Distances (LSD), Continuous High Intensity (CHI), and Interval (INT) workouts.  You’ll be doing lots of running, swimming, calisthenics, strength weight training, and core exercises.  The SEALs wrote a guide to help you prepare, since physical conditioning is so important to your success at BUD/S and as a SEAL:  Navy SEAL Physical Training Guide.

Q.  Where can I find photos of Navy SEALs in action?

Check them out here:  Navy Seal Photos (Coming Soon.)

Q.  What equipment does the Navy SEALs use?

They use different equipment depending on the specific needs of the mission, but it has been reported that the Navy SEALs equipment for the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound included:

  • MH-60 Helicopters
  • 5.56mm M4 Carbine
  • 5.56 mm M16 Assault Rifle
  • 9mm SIG Sauer P226 pistols
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Facial Recognition devices
  • Helmet mounted video cameras
  • a Navy SEAL dog

Q.  What was SEAL Team Six’s code word for Osama bin Laden?

A.  The code word that SEAL Team Six used to identify Osama bin Laden was ‘Geronimo’.  No one is quite sure why they used this, but Geronimo was the name of a legendary Apache Indian warrior chief.  When bin Laden was confirmed killed, a SEAL Team Six member radioed back:  ’Geronimo, EKIA’.  EKIA stands for ‘Enemy Killed in Action’.

Q.  What is the official name of SEAL Team Six?

A.  The official name of SEAL Team Six is United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), which is often referred to as DEVGRU.  It is one of two Tier One counter-terrorism and Special Mission Units (SMU), the other is Delta Force.

Q.  Where is the SEAL Team Six headquarters?

Dam Neck Annex, Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia.

Q.  What are some of the SEAL Team Six missions?

SEAL Team Six History (Known; brief):

  • Operation Honey Badger
  • Operation Urgent Fury
  • TWA Flight 847 Hijacking
  • Achille Lauro Hijacking
  • Operation Just Cause
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • Operation Restore Hope
  • Operation Gothic Serpent
  • Manhunt for Serbian War Criminals
  • Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Baraawe Raid
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Maersk Alabama hijacking
  • Death of Osama bin Laden

There are probably many more missions that we don’t know about, as all missions are classified and the details of which are rarely learned by the public.

Q.  Why are Navy SEALs called seals?

A.  SEAL is an acronym for SEa, Air, and Land – therefore they are called SEALs.

Q.  How much does a Navy SEAL make each year?

A.  A typical Navy SEAL salary is about $54,000 a year, based on a E-7 pay grade (Navy ranks are called ‘grades’ for enlisted personnel) and about 12 years experience.  This salary is a base and does not include such things as signing bonuses, benefits, housing and other allowances, or incentive pay for things like hazardous duty, flight, sea-pay, parachute, etc.  With more experience, or with certain special weapon or skill specialties a SEAL can earn upwards of six figures ($100,000).  It should be noted that these guys don’t do it for the money.  With their qualifications and experience they could earn much more in the private sector.  The risks that they take, and the singular dedication that it takes to become a SEAL and constantly train for the missions.  They do it for their commitment and dedication to protecting America and freedom.

Any more questions out there?

I will post more questions as I get time, but in the meantime, what questions do you have about the Navy SEAL Team Six?



  1. Eli says:

    Are past SEALS required to keep their identities classified even after retirement ? What are the penalties for past SEALS who reveal top secret missions and information?

    • italo says:

      what can u do to be a member for seal team six cause i am realy confident in joining a team like that because for my country and the adventure and the challnge? what can u do can u tell me the steps in the training and how u get picked and the years it takes

  2. w. riggs says:

    I think all of seal team 6, the chopper pilots and crews should be awarded he navy cross. They are all the finest heros america could have.

  3. Lisa McCarry says:

    how many members are in SEAL Team six?

  4. Mason Parker says:

    Q: Does the “6″ in SEAL TEAM 6 Stand for being qualified for service with any spec. ops. unit? I was told that TEAM 6 meant you had the ability to do anything Delta force/The Black Ravens/ Marine Force Recon/ Rangers/ Green Berets can do thus you could serve with any of the 6 Spec Ops teams?

    • Chris R. says:

      No the six is just a number it was only used to confused the Viet cong on how many seal teams there were back during the Vietnam war when Richard Marcinko founded SEAL team six

  5. Q: Are you sworn to keep secret the missions and information you got after you are retired?

  6. Is it hard to be a seal and I am like you guy’s #1 FAN iM GOING TO SEE THE MOVIE AS FAST as I can and are do you like being in it? Please answer and GO SEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Luke Guild says:

    Even if you pass all of the entrance requirements:

    U.S. citizen
    17 – 28 years old
    Pass the Physical Screening Test
    Pass the dive medical physical
    Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery with the required scores
    Be eligible for a Secret-level security clearance.

    What are the chances that you would actually make it to the seal team 6? I feel like there is more to just the entrance requirements seeing they are the most elite team in the navy.

  8. Luke Guild says:

    Do you have any recommendations for preparing for the ASVAB? Also do you know what you have to score in order to become a navy seal? is the score higher to join the seal team 6?

  9. JP says:

    The Navy Seals who were on the Osama raid all wore helmet cams. Is there any way that this video will ever be shown to the public? I understand if they don’t show the double tap. But, alot of people lost loved ones on September 11th. And, alot of people lost loved ones from these wars. At least we can be there with a HD version of this c**k suckers demise. Also, who are the people that have been able to see the actual video? Is it just C.I.A, The Pentagon, The President, who…who…who??? Put, it out on IMAX for one month only. And, charge $500 for a ticket. And give all the money to any, and all navy seals family members lost in combat. During the credits, show all the after photos of bin Laden. Come on USA Government. We’re are all grown ups. We have to constantly be reminded of this f**ker every Sept 11th when they replay images of those planes going in to the trade centers. I think it’s only right that we also get to see our boys in action with the big payback. Cheers to ST6, Jp

  10. Sviske says:

    must be kidding me. Do you know how much training you put into becoming a seal? Or the amount of work it takes to maintain elite stature over all other branches? Serving in the Forces is one of the greatest honors a person can do. You dedicate your time to defend everyone else. What the f@ck does a desk job do compared to serving as a member of the Forces?

  11. Angno says:

    I am of the understanding that for a SEAL to become a member of Team 6, that SEAL has to have proven himself as having been a performer of upper achievements in other teams and operations first.
    True or false. We have a person from my community who has earned his Trident badge and supposedly has been admitted into Team Six since operation Geronimo. Good for him and my blessings of a job well done, better than well done. I was informed that membership in Team Six was one that not all Seals could could qualify for. I would think that a SEAL would be qualified for any and all ops. regardless of what team he belonged to .

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