September 18, 2021

Navy Fleet Weeks

There is a great tradition of our Navy’s ships docking in U.S. ports so sailors can take shore leave, which over the years has turned into a homecoming celebration that takes over the whole city with events, parades, parties and concerts.

This post will grow and change over time, so be sure to check back frequently.  We’ll explore the history and traditions of Fleet Week, and also look at how each port city welcomes the ships and Sailors and the celebrations and events they hold.

Fleet Week

Image credit: U.S. Navy

Here are the Fleet Weeks and the months that they’re held in that I am currently aware of.  We’ll be keeping track of the Fleet Weeks throughout the years, so we’ll be including links to our pages focused on this years (and past years) Fleet Weeks.


Fort Lauderdale / Broward Navy Yards / Port Lauderdale Fleet Week


New York Fleet Week

2011 New York Fleet Week


Portland Fleet Week

2011 Portland Fleet Week


LA Fleet Week

2011 LA Fleet Week

Seattle Fleet Week

2011 Seattle Fleet Week


San Diego Fleet Week


San Francisco Fleet Week

2011 San Francisco Fleet Week

Tell Us About Your Fleet Week Experience

Are you in the Navy and had shore leave during one of the Fleet Weeks?

Have you been to a ship tour or cruise, or been to a Fleet Week Air Show by the Blue Angels?

Leave a comment below and share your Fleet Week story.


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