September 18, 2021

An Overview Of The US Navy

There are seven uniformed services of the U.S. military. There is the Army, Air Force, and Navy. The Marines is a division included in the Navy. Many of the bases in the Navy are found on the shores like San Diego, California and Norfolk, Virginia. The U.S. Navy is the largest in the world.

Us Navy

The naval fleet has almost 290 ships actively, and there are approximately 3,700 aircrafts in service. The mission of the the naval military is to deter aggression on the seas to maintain its freedom. The Navy is under the Department of the Navy. This office has civilian leadership called the Secretary of the Navy.

There currently are nearly 500,000 personnel working for the Navy both active and on reserve. About 80 percent are enlisted and the rest consists of commissioned officers. Commissioned officer ranks are graded from O1 to O10. O10 is the highest rank. O9 is Vice Admiral, and O10 is the rank of Admiral.

All military service takes uniform and appearance very seriously. Each branch has their own distinct attire. For the Navy, there is attire to be worn in either the summer or the winter time. The summer attire consists of a completely white uniform. There is a casual white uniform which can be worn daily to work. There is a cover or hat worn while outdoors. Covers must be taken off when indoors. There are also the dress whites to be worn for special occasions.

In the winter there are dress blues which should also be worn. There are khaki uniforms which can be used interchangeably in the winter and the summer. Shoes, belts, and coats are other parts of the attire that are worn. Everything must be well-kept as inspections will be held by superiors to assure that their subordinates are in line.

Another important part of attire are the ribbons that are worn on the uniform. For different accomplishments, personnel wear these ribbons to denote their skill sets. The more one has, the more impressive it is. This is the same for being awarded medals for certain types of service.

There are bases in many countries aside from the U.S. There are bases in Spain, Greece, Japan, and Italy. Other bases in the United States include one north of Chicago, Washington State, and in Florida.

Being a part of the military is more than a job. This commitment brings about community as well, as many enlisted personnel start off living on bases or a ship. They get to know their comrades well as well as their families. There is a long line of heritage with the military. People who go into the military have to meet certain requirements through a physical and a physical readiness test. This branch of the military helps to protect our seas and oceans from aggressors, and there are many departments in the Navy. There are bases in many different countries as well as the United States, and people in the military will have orders to go from one assignment to another depending on the needs of the government.

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