October 23, 2021

USS Carl Vinson to Host NCAA Basketball Game

The USS Carl Vinson is a United States aircraft carrier that has been working hard actively fighting terrorism related to 9/11. Recently the USS Carl Vinson gained a lot of fame due to its role in being the ship that buried Osama Bin Laden at sea.

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The Carl Vinson may soon have another claim to fame and this time it has nothing to do with getting terrorists.

Officials from the Navy and Morale Entertainment are discussing plans to have a NCAA basketball game on the Carl Vinson.

Basketball games are not uncommon on aircraft carriers as it is a great way to stay in shape and pass the time while at sea. But if this deal goes through it will be a first in college basketball.

The history making game will most likely be between the Michigan State Spartans and the University of North Carolina Tar Heels and it will take place on Veterans Day.

The whole idea for this exciting undertaking was formed in the mind of Michigan State Athletic Director Mark Hollis. Mark had taken a few trips to Kuwait to visit American troops there and he became inspired.

If this game happens the ship will be prepared with two courts. One court will be set up on the flight deck and another one will be set up below the hanger deck. Two courts are needed since the flight deck is open and hence exposed to the elements, something that basketball players are not used to dealing with.

Beside the issue of weather, security for the event is of concern.

To help quell any potential problems tickets will not be sold to the general public. Some will be given to the participating schools and many will be given to service members.

In addition to the adventure of having a college basketball game on an active aircraft carrier, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are going to be made honorary captains for the game as they were former stars of UNC and MSU respectively.

If this game is successful then it is possible that more college games will be played on aircraft carriers in the future.

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  1. Baiputi says:

    It’s not Obama that I don’t trust. It’s the entire US gnvorement going back a very long way.Bin Laden was a scapegoat. No one has ever offered any proof that he was responsible for 9/11 outside of an obviously forged video tape that was magically found in a private residence in Afghanistan. What are the odds of that?My personal belief is that bin Laden has been dead for almost a decade. Meanwhile, the people who were truly responsible for funding 9/11 are still at large.

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