September 18, 2021

An Overview Of The Different US Navy Jobs

There are many different positions that a person can take on in the military or the Navy when they join. There are different avenues that one can take to become part of this large department of the government. This article will be an overview of the different US Navy jobs.

Us Navy Jobs

The first thing that one might think of when they think of the Navy are the ships, and there are many jobs that a sailor can be assigned to on the many ships that the Navy has. There are also many positions on the Naval bases. There are bases all over the world which have many offices and departments.

Like all branches of the military, officers and petty officers are needed to teach recruits of their new positions in boot camps. For example, a well-known division of the Navy are Navy SEALs who are a very specialized group of soldiers. There are other units which are preparing for difficult assignments like combat that need people who have the expertise and the desire to learn.

Other exciting roles that Navy personnel can take on are those of a pilot of an aircraft. There are several aircraft carriers, and the Navy has training programs to teach some of the best pilots in the world. There are jobs, too, for those who know how to take care of the aircrafts for safe flying.

Many jobs in the military do not necessarily have to be involved in direct preparation for combat or war. Many of the jobs are for the daily maintenance of the Navy as a whole. This is a job for many as those who are working in the civilian world.

Many midshipmen graduate every year from the military academy in Annapolis, Maryland with degrees that will be useful to the Navy like engineering degrees. However, it is similar to a university, and people can choose the majors that they are most interested in. These graduates will then move onto the military and Naval bases or ships that they are ordered to upon graduation.

Other jobs in the Navy include those of professionals like that in the civilian world. Navy personnel may need legal help while in the Navy, therefore, there are lawyers or JAGs who offer legal service. They have gone to law school with the financial help of the Navy, and they are practicing law in the Navy to help pay back the service the Navy gave to them. There are other jobs similar to this like dentists and doctors who also use the military to help pay for their school loans. In turn, they work for the military. The military is a common way for many people to go to school whether it is college or post-graduate work.

The military is a huge employer with nearly 500,000 active duty and reservists. There are many jobs that one can choose, or the military can help place a person in the best spot available. There are many people who want to work on a ship, or there are others who would like an office job.

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  1. Ralph G Griffis says:

    As a former Navy Vet, I have a question……..
    1. Why has the Navy allowed the VietNam Bluewater Navy to have their status as VietNam Vets downgraded to VietNam Era Vets?
    As a crewmember of DD 786 who took part in operations Linebacker and Freedomtrain, taking part in 743 NGFS missions in North VietNam, firing over 32,000 rounds ( with over 1,500 incoming) during one 6 month period, I`m devastated to think we could have our status destroyed. This dishonor is beyond belief. I have always been proud of my service and training ( 5 schools) in the Navy ( 4 years 5 months) as an IC2. I feel like I should return my medals.

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