June 18, 2021

Navy Job Cuts

“As more and more sailors decide to stay enlisted in the Navy because of the recession going on around them, the Navy will be letting go 3,000 sailors. These sailors will be lower ranked sailors. The cut backs will begin in August, after there is a review of 16,000 sailors.

Navy Job Cuts

These 16,000 sailors will have been in the Navy between 7-15 years, and will be ranked E-4 through E-8. The cut will effect all career ratings, over a total of 31 different ratings.

The review will take into account the sailors work ability, how their performance has been until the review, and if there has been any documented misconduct by the sailor. The reviews will come in three sections, the first will be sailors ranked either E-4 or E-5 which are the lowest ranks being reviewed. A further review of the rest of the rankings being reviewed will begin in August. The results for both reviews will be expected by November.

The retention rate for sailors rose .10% from 2005 until 2010, and the Navy is overstaffed in the 31 categories they are cutting back on. These fields include electricians and jet engine mechanics.The announcement was made in January that the war would come to an end by 2015 and that 27,000 active duty personal would be cut by that time in total.

This news comes on the heels of the recession, where the unemployment rate has been at or over 8 percent for the last 29 months. The current unemployment rate is 9.2 percent. The current recession is being called the next great depression (which happened in 1929) by some people.

Do you think it’s a good idea to lay off sailors, or anybody that fights for the USA? If so, do you agree with how many people are getting laid off? Some people think the lay offs are needed but that they should effect the whole Navy, and not just the specific ranks that are being reviewed.

The government could cut back on other things as well, instead of just the Navy. Why are they choosing to cut back on the sailors only, and not other forms of the US Military? Why not other rankings? Why not the higher ups within the Navy?”

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  1. Mary Ford says:

    I can’t believe that you are going to cut the US NAVY and keep the post offices working 6 days a week? We don’t them 4 days a week!
    When other countries learn that we are laying off our Military, that will make us sound weaker, Could this be a plan of the United States President? If so, It will work…
    Please recondsider this…
    These men and women have based they lifes on the service and have done everything you asked them too. Encluding working on a ship away from their familys and then on the ship you tell them they are OUT. Just like that. I am ashamed of the US NAVY right now…
    My daughter and her husband did everything they were suppose to do, like go to school, buy their home and they were going to start a family…
    I will be posting on facebook about this… I will get this message out.
    We were flying in for the tiger cruise and the home coming of the USS George H. W. Bush and now I don’t want to even be there.
    Very disappointed,
    Mary Ford

  2. karen says:

    I think its terrible they are going after the enlisted people. How about getting rid of the top heavy officers in all the ranks of militay. These enlisted people work hard for a living

  3. abon says:

    Well if we do not get a new administration in the white house soon there won’t be anything left.
    How much did this trip (don’t tell me he wasn’t campaigning on our dollar) to the Midwest cost the taxpayers and he didn’t even know where he was. Texas or Kansas. What a Fool!

    watch the video


  4. Donna says:

    I’m in total agreement. My son has been in the Navy for 7 years,He and his wife are overseas in Japan. He got there right after the big earthquake, and monsoon. They put him through alot of special training (that was a waste of taxpayers money)right before he went, especially for radiation. He is a jet fighter mechanic, excelling very well, ready to make officer. Making officer, is from hard work, passing exams with high scores, and doing his job well. My son and his wife have moved to a foreign country, felt isolated, moved their family pets,waited on starting a family, have put off purchasing their first house, and live in a place where they are exposed to aftershocks and possibly radiation for the next several years. He does all of this to serve his country. How do you moms, dads, wives, and other family members feel about the fact that your jet fighter pilots could be in harms way, like the airlines, by not having as many wonderful mechanics to maintain our fleet?
    I also am in total agreement that we’re more of a sitting duck for other trouble with Iran, North Korea,China, and other volatile countries and enemies. Cutbacks are mainly because of the war ending in 2015? My Foot! Sure we will; but, where else will we be at war? We will look weaker, and this is in the Navy, Has any one checked the other branches of our military? Is this across the board? All branches? I’m not forgetting the electricians that are getting axed. Is this part of Obama’s “I’m going to create millions of new jobs.”??? (What about all those he’s destroying and taking away?) Or is part of, as in my son’s case, that he’s going to start climbing into to an officer’s position, and let’s get rid of him and hire a newbie who’s cheaper. Throw him to the curb! If that’s the way we treat our servicemen and women, good riddance. They’re better off without working and serving our country. Oh did you know they’re holding class room activities, mandatory, to integrate the thousands back into the civilian life. How nice of them. Remember, our government loves their military and vets, look how they’ve treated them over the years, ptsd help and denial, agent orange denial, brain trauma denial, etc… Why should I expect anything more from them but treating our sons and daughters like numbers, and crap. And I cuss once in a blue moon, and I see one coming.

    Extremely disappointed;


  5. Randy says:

    The Tea Party has caused this more than “the President.” And working hard and sacrifice has nothing to do with it. Everyone has been cutting for years and here come the spending cuts the Republicans are demanding. Sorry, but there are no guarantees of lifetime employment for any military personnel.

    A Navy veteran.

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