August 23, 2017

Navy Job Cuts

“As more and more sailors decide to stay enlisted in the Navy because of the recession going on around them, the Navy will be letting go 3,000 sailors. These sailors will be lower ranked sailors. The cut backs will begin in August, after there is a review of 16,000 sailors.

Navy Job Cuts

These 16,000 sailors will have been in the Navy between 7-15 years, and will be ranked E-4 through E-8. The cut will effect all career ratings, over a total of 31 different ratings.

The review will take into account the sailors work ability, how their performance has been until the review, and if there has been any documented misconduct by the sailor. The reviews will come in three sections, the first will be sailors ranked either E-4 or E-5 which are the lowest ranks being reviewed. A further review of the rest of the rankings being reviewed will begin in August. The results for both reviews will be expected by November.

The retention rate for sailors rose .10% from 2005 until 2010, and the Navy is overstaffed in the 31 categories they are cutting back on. These fields include electricians and jet engine mechanics.The announcement was made in January that the war would come to an end by 2015 and that 27,000 active duty personal would be cut by that time in total.

This news comes on the heels of the recession, where the unemployment rate has been at or over 8 percent for the last 29 months. The current unemployment rate is 9.2 percent. The current recession is being called the next great depression (which happened in 1929) by some people.

Do you think it’s a good idea to lay off sailors, or anybody that fights for the USA? If so, do you agree with how many people are getting laid off? Some people think the lay offs are needed but that they should effect the whole Navy, and not just the specific ranks that are being reviewed.

The government could cut back on other things as well, instead of just the Navy. Why are they choosing to cut back on the sailors only, and not other forms of the US Military? Why not other rankings? Why not the higher ups within the Navy?”

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  1. Mary Ford says:

    I can’t believe that you are going to cut the US NAVY and keep the post offices working 6 days a week? We don’t them 4 days a week!
    When other countries learn that we are laying off our Military, that will make us sound weaker, Could this be a plan of the United States President? If so, It will work…
    Please recondsider this…
    These men and women have based they lifes on the service and have done everything you asked them too. Encluding working on a ship away from their familys and then on the ship you tell them they are OUT. Just like that. I am ashamed of the US NAVY right now…
    My daughter and her husband did everything they were suppose to do, like go to school, buy their home and they were going to start a family…
    I will be posting on facebook about this… I will get this message out.
    We were flying in for the tiger cruise and the home coming of the USS George H. W. Bush and now I don’t want to even be there.
    Very disappointed,
    Mary Ford

  2. karen says:

    I think its terrible they are going after the enlisted people. How about getting rid of the top heavy officers in all the ranks of militay. These enlisted people work hard for a living

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