September 18, 2021

An Overview of the Different US Navy Ranks – Rank, Pay, Benefits, How To Advance To The Next Rank

Those who join any branch of the military will find that they will be classified in ranks which is also used to designate the paygrade. The Navy has their own set of ranks, and an overview of the different US Navy ranks will be discussed in this article.

Us Navy Ranks

Many people who join the military will first enter as enlisted personnel. Many of these people might come out of high school and join the military. Their rank will be below a commissioned or warrant officer. Those who are enlisted will be assigned specific duties that they are assigned or that they also choose to do.

Examples of an enlisted ranking is a seaman or a petty officer. As a person moves along in their career, they will be promoted on to higher classes like petty officer third class or Chief Petty Officer. This means that they have earned the right to more responsibility and increased pay.

People who are enlisted can move on to become a commissioned officer. Again, this means a higher pay grade as well as more responsibility. Warrant officers are ranked from W2 to W5. They are not commissioned, and commissioned officers are ranked O1 through O10. Examples of commissioned officers are lieutenants, commander, captains, and admirals.

The jobs in the military vary widely because there are many duties to fill. People can work on a ship or on a naval base carrying out duties from administration to working on an aircraft carrier. Some people who join the Navy have gone through the military academy, and they are called midshipmen.

In order for people to move to the next rank, a person needs to perform well at the job that they are currently given. For example, a person will be evaluated from time to time to assure that their performance is up to par. Some positions will see people advance after they have fulfilled a duty for a certain length of time. It is always a good thing to ask superiors how they are doing to assure that they are meeting all criteria.

The benefits of the Navy include many perks as they want to take care of their personnel. There are many discounts offered the military. People will be moving around quite a bit compared to other jobs, and it can be a dangerous one. There are always counselors for any situation whether it be spiritual guidance, financial help, or education advancement. The Navy is a large entity which has nearly 500,000 active and inactive personnel. Health insurance is paid for as there are many good military hospitals for active duty and retired to go to seek care.

Being part of the military can be stressful yet still be a rewarding experience. People who join will fall under a certain rank depending on their experience and expertise. With hard work, everyone advances to the next level. People can also become officers if they choose to and meet the criteria for the positions. Many benefits are given to personnel as well.

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  1. Zaed says:

    You can request to return to active duty.The Secretary of your branch of the military, must approve it.If you come back, you receive active duty pay and are no longer retired, so do not receive retirement pay.It as if you never left.,So you have to retire all over again.No, you cannot change service branch’s.

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