September 18, 2021

More Information On The Navy SEALs

One very interesting department of the U.S. Navy is the Navy SEALs. This stands for Navy sea, air, and land teams. They are the major special operations force for the Navy. All member of the SEALs are male. The Seals came about during World War II when the military noted that they needed soldiers to scout the beaches for any obstacles for their proper landing.

Us Navy Seals

The training to become a Seal is very rigorous. It is one of the toughest military trainings in the world. Most people do not make it through the training with a drop out rate up to 90 percent. The program is over one year long of intense training. They are given the title SEAL after successful completion. However, once they have successfully finished, it can take as long as 30 months before they are sent on their first deployment.

To enter this program is voluntary. The enlistee or officer must be a U.S. citizen. Their age must range between 18 to 28. They must pass a SEAL physical test, and the person must be male with no exception.

The SEAL physical test consists of the following. The first thing that they must pass is a swim test with a breast stroke of five hundred yards in less than twelve and a half minutes. Competitive times are less than ten minutes. Forty-two push ups must be done in two minutes. Sit ups should be around fifty in two minutes.

To break down the actual SEAL training, enlisted men must complete between five to thirteen weeks of Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School. Half a year of Basic Underwater Demolition SEALS (BUDS)follows in Coronado. Finally, four months qualification training occurs.

There have been many assignments given to these soldiers. There are examples from each conflict that have put their expertise to use including Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and the current wars of Afghanistan and Iraq. More detailed information on their work in these wars can be searched online.

To find out more on how to become a SEAL, one can look at certain sites including those of the Navy. This will include contact information on a recruiter locally. Enlisted personnel can seek information from their superiors or at offices on their base. They would be more than happy to find new recruits for this very rigorous program.

Becoming a Navy SEAL is one that any graduate can be proud of as only a few people in the world ever attain the excellence that a program like this requires. They handle some of the most difficult cases in combat and in the military, in general. One should look up all of the requirements to become a part of the SEAL program. One should also get details on the specifics of the program before signing up to make sure that this is the right direction to go in. There are many areas to work in in the military, and this can be very grueling. However, some people were made for this challenge.

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