October 23, 2021

Navy Seal Workout – How To Prepare To Become A US Navy Seal

The navy seal workout is incredibility demanding and requires incredible persistence. One of the things that are necessary to prepare and become a US Navy Seal is to make sure that your body is up for the physical demands that are required during BUDS. BUDS stands for Basic Underwater Demolition and is the training course that is required for all Navy Seals. It is essentially the boot camp for the Seals. BUDS is a six month course and it is physically grueling. It is also intellectually demanding.

Us Navy Seal Workout

The navy seal workout is heavily based upon strength, endurance, and agility. For this reason it is important not only to be strong, but to also be agile. Seals are expected to be able to have great stamina. Swimming fast is essential, but you must also understand that you will be required to swim for long periods. The same is true for lifting weights. Being able to do a heavy press once or twice is not as important as being able to lift weight for many repetitions.

The navy seal workout is going to involve a lot of swimming, running and weight training. Running will consist of both short burst style running where you will be required to run for short distances such as one or two miles at top speed, and also longer stretches. Push ups, sit ups, and pull ups will also be used. Even though these exercises are very familiar to everyone they are still important. You will be required to perform a high number in a limited time.

When training for the seals it is beneficial to do several things. The navy seal workout is based on running, swimming, and lifting weights. So you should be sure that you could do all of these three things. So address each one in particular.

You should start running. You are looking to run both fast and also for a long duration. Many of these seals train by going on a five to eight mile run several times a week. The desire is to be as fast as possible while also maintaining composure. You do not want to run fast, and then be completely exhausted at the end of the run. By running frequently you will build up stamina.

Stamina is also important when dealing with swimming. You will want to do practice freestyle stroke swimming for several hours a week. The actual stroke that is used in the Navy Seals is particular to the service and will be taught in the school.

For layman ad those who are not in the seals, the freestyle is the closest stroke. The desire is to be able to swim fast and long. Your goal is not to swim incredibly fast and then stop after a short burst. That is the purview of competitive swimming, but it is not important in the Seals. The Seals demand the ability to maintain energy.

Lifting weights is always important. You should be able to lift heavy weights, but like the other areas, you need to be able to lift weights consistently. Unlike power lifters who will lift two or three times and then stop, you will want to be able to do at least eight repetitions of heavy weight. Practicing three or four times a week will help you build both strong muscles and also powerful muscles.



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