October 23, 2021


About Navy Handbook

Navy Handbook is a website made up of a fastastic group of people who are passionate about teaching others about the Navy, helping prospective recruits learn about the horizon of opportunities available to them in the Navy, and helping current Navy men and women, as well as veterans connect and stay in touch.

The staff of Navy Handbook work hard to update you on the latest news about the Navy and how it can affect your time in the service, as well as help family members keep up to date about the news affecting their loved-ones.

Our pledge to you, our readers:

1. We care about you. The staff of Navy Handbook read your comments and try to respond and continually improve Navy Handbook.

2. We care about the Navy and are dedicated to all of the Navy sailors and their family – and we appreciate the tremendous sacrifice they have made, and make every day in protecting our great nation.

3. We’re just like you. Searching the internet for solid information about Navy and not being able to find it, so we created this site.

4. Navy Handbook is kept current with the latest news and information about the Navy.

5. Navy Handbook is free. There is no charge to visit this site.

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