August 2, 2021

Navy Ships in Libya Operation Odyssey Dawn

This is a list of the Navy ships of the coalition members that are involved in the ‘Operation Odyssey Dawn’ attack on Libya:

United States

  • USS Newport News (SSN-750)
  • USS Providence (SSN-719)
  • One other attack submarine
  • USS Mount Whitney (Command Ship)
  • USS Kearsarge (Amphibious Assault Ship)
  • USS Bataan (Amphibious Assault Ship) (En route via Strait of Gibraltar)
  • USS Barry (Guided Missile Destroyer)
USS Newport News Submarine Operation Odyssey Dawn

USS Newport News Submarine is taking part in Operation Odyssey Dawn.

It should be noted that the USS Enterprise, previously in the Red Sea area, has been moved to the Arabian Sea to join the USS Carl Vinson to provide support to the Afghanistan operations.

42 F-16 fighter jets stationed at the U.S. Air Base Aviano in the Alps region of Italy are probably being used in the operation as well.


Canada is a UN coalition partner, and has these assets involved:

  • HMCS Charlottetown
  • Canadian fighter jets


France is fielding the Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier Battle Group, which includes:

  • Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier
  • Tonnerre Amphibious Assault Helicopter Carrier
  • Mistral Amphibious Assault Helicopter Carrier
  • Three frigates
  • Fuel Supply Ship
  • Attack submarine

As well as 20 fighter jets including:

  • Rafale war planes
  • Mirage fighter jets
  • AWACS surveillance aircraft


Britain has two frigates in position off the Libyan coast:

  • HMS Cumberland
  • HMS Westminster

Aircraft include:

  • Typhoon patrol jets
  • Tornado attack aircraft
  • air-to-air refuelling aircraft
  • surveillance aircraft


In addition to these Italian aircraft carriers involved at present, all seven bases in Italy — at Amendola, Aviano, Decimomannu, Gioia del Colle, Sigonella, Trapani, and Pantelleria — were made available to coalition forces for use in this operation.

Italy is using the following types of aircraft in this mission:

  • Tornado fighters
  • F-16s
  • Eurofighters

US Navy Ships Attack Libya

US Navy ships are part of the UN coalition attack on Libya to enact and enforce a no-fly-zone in Libya, according to the LA Times.

Navy Strike Against Libya Tomahawk Cruise Missiles

The UN coalition includes forces from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Canada.  The coalition also includes Arab states, who will be announcing their participation separately, according to the Pentagon.

While US Navy officials stated earlier in the week that Navy ships and personnel would not play a major role in any military action in Libya, but Pentagon officials have stated that US warships have launched approximately 110 tomahawk cruise missiles as a part of the attack.

Bloomberg is reporting that over 25 naval vessels from the U.S., Italy, and Canada are involved in what is being called ‘Operation Odyssey Dawn’.

U.S. Ships include the USS Mount Whitney, which is operating as a command vessel.

While only air and missile strikes have been confirmed, it is not clear whether Navy Seals are involved in this operation, or if ground troops will be used at all.

Navy Ranks Show Your Dedication And Experience

Going through the Navy brings on a number of different rewards. Those who choose to make a career out of the military will be able to rise in the Navy ranks and show their true pride. Anyone who us considering this type of career will need to look below at this guide and learn about moving up and making progress.

When an individual signs up and leaves for basic training, they will start out at the very bottom. This means that they will start out as an E1, or a seaman recruit. Throughout bootcamp, that individual may be able to rank up. This of course is going to depend on the overall performance throughout training.

After basic training, individuals will then need to learn and train for the job that they have chosen. This is another great way to rise up in the Navy ranks, simply because sailors will get another rank once they graduate from their training. Be sure to put in the work and determination in order to get ahead and boost that naval career. As long as the sailor shows the right kind of determination and hard work they should see the rewards in no time.

Once the sailor begins their full career, they will need to ensure that they are staying fresh and prepared. Throughout the career, there will be various exams that will need to be taken. These exams are made available when the sailor is ready to rank up. When the exam starts coming up, the sailor will need to study their core values as well as certain aspects within their job. Get ahead and it should be easy to rank from there.

If the exam has been passed, the sailor is then going to be able to reap great benefits. The pay is going to be raised, which is always a great perk. On top of that, the individual will also get to wear a new patch for their accomplishment. This of course is going to be a huge boost of confidence so keep working.

The officer schools are also very popular. This is actually one of the quickest ways to rack up, but it will also take a lot of work. The individual must have a college degree in order to even qualify. From there, the individual will gain their earned Navy ranks and move on, into the fleet.

In order to get moving, the sailor needs to start studying and using other study resources. A good sailor can usually remember and recite the necessary information to pass the exam. This of course is going to be up to the sailor, so get started and take pride in that career.

Being in the Navy is going to bring on a variety of advantages. Those who are looking to get ahead in the Navy ranks will need to work hard and take pride in their work as well as who they are as a sailor. Starting immediately will easily set any individual ahead.

The Navy ROTC To Help You Start Your Military Journey

There are many options you can consider out there for your military career dream. In this piece we will share some valuable insights and facts particularly if you are considering the navy rotc to help you start your military journey.

Are you considering starting a career in the military? The reality is that there may be so many obstacles on the path of one in the quest to pursue a career in the forces but there are so many programs and organizations that have been set up to assist those seeking help in this regard.

Some people do gather some information on these education support facilities and programs but confusion results when someone is not well versed with appropriate guidelines of making the right choice. There are many young citizens in America who are clueless when it comes to the feasible ways of getting into the armed forces career paths.

What you need to know about service academies such as ROTC from the word -go- is that these are typically educational assistance facilities which are generally highly selective and therefore it is not easy to get assistance from such institutions. If you want to align yourself for possible help from Navy ROTC to help you start your military journey you need to excel in your studies at high school level.

Scores ranging in the 90 percentile or more will position you well for a scholarship. The ROTC program will give you strong leverage in your military career as you will get an opportunity to serve in the army as a military officer for about four years. During your term of service you will be expected to fulfill active duty roles and responsibilities. You will also be placed in the reserve department so as to gain good experience all round the key areas in the military.

If you are considering Navy ROTC to help you start your military journey what you also need to know is that this program will afford you a great deal of freedom in your college experience. The institution has summer training program like in all other academies. It goes without say that before you settle for any learning curve you need to take good time and weigh your options.

One of the most important variables or factors to consider is whether or not you would still purse the learning program and the career path even if there were no money for tertiary education. In doing this you will also have to examine the financial outlook of your career.

Just like many academies if you are in line to get help from Navy ROTC to start your military journey you need to know that the institution is quite advantageous.

This institution will afford you great flexibility when it comes to you preferred courses or areas of study.

This is largely due to the fact that unlike many service academies that place heavy emphasis on attaining a technical major ROTC affords you good freedom on the academics. Other factors that will help you on your choice of program and institution include what you want to do with your college experience.

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All About The Navy Exchange Program

The US Navy Exchange program has been up and running for the past 65 years. The sole mission of concept is to provide the customers that consist of the USA navy, family members of the navy personnel and the naval force reserve together with the retirees with quality goods and services.

What you may need to know about the concept is that 70 percent of the profits accumulated in the exchange program are invested back in the organization and this is for the benefit of those still serving in the sea force and those in the reserve. The 30 percent chunk is directed towards setting up new shops and offering benefits to the members that are still serving in the naval forces.

The thrust has various programs and facilities that have been designed and tailored for the benefit of those that have served in the naval forces as well as those that are still serving in the forces. The drive presents some of the best navy exchange deals in town for future and previous members of the flotilla.

What is also covered on the thrust is a wide coterie of areas which include about five business units namely the retail stores, naval force lodges, naval force Uniform program, services, telecommunications and the Ship Store program.

People that are eligible to access these services, products and facilities will benefit much from getting some of the greatest deals in town. The other piece of information here is that the exchange program has contributed over $2 billion to the MWR programs.

You may also delight to know that the program is part of the Naval Supply System commands that provides the naval forces with top quality supplies as well as services. On the retail front the navy exchange program naval shops are set up an stocked up as one stop shops for all centers.

If you want to enjoy from the wide range of products in the retail front you will enjoy exploring your options in the categories of electronics, Kitchen and dinning room products, home decor as well as various baby products for the penchants of your little ones. Other products that can be found include shoes and motorcycle gear as well as sunglasses and watches.

If you are also eligible you can qualify for the various jobs that are availed thanks to this drive. If you need guidance on this aspect there are various naval force recruiters that will guide you through and assist you in you request to join the navy. If you may not be well decided on what specific career you would want to purse in argosy you can take up career tests and determine your preferences and suitability.

If you are interested you can also consider the marine defense reserve careers that come with lifetime experiences for young citizens that seek to pursue military as well as civilian careers simultaneously. Gather as much information as you can on the navy exchange program and find out about the great deals that you can benefit from.

Learn About The Navy Seals

US Navy’s special operation force is known as “Seals” which stands for sea, air and land. It literally denotes the areas where this elite force can operate. Spectrum of capabilities that they possess range from beach defenses, destroying enemy ships and other installations to inflicting sudden and deadly attacks on enemy troops. Historically, Seals are operative since World War II as they were known as Amphibious Scouts and Raiders then. During that war the personnel of this unit gained the reputation of being a multi-purpose destructive force. In the year 1961 President J. F Kennedy officially inaugurated the US Navy Seals. In the paragraphs below, we are going to tell you more about this group.

All those who want to join this unit have to go through a rigorous six months training called Basic Underwater Demolition. The ratio of those who pass through this grueling phase is very low as this is a true test of endurance, strength and so many other features that a candidate has to demonstrate.

Those lucky few who manage to get into this elite force are used in highly specialized, surgical, precise and deadly missions. In the modern day warfare scenario they are highly suited for use in anti terrorism, special reconnaissance, intel collection, direct strikes, unconventional combat, along side a lot of other types of missions.

Operational capabilities of the Navy Seals are enhanced to suit all types of areas and situations like, forests, mountains, sea, extreme weathers of areas like arctic and tropics and so many other regions. So these tough guys are ready to take on anything, anywhere.

Despite their destructive capabilities, Seals are trained to avoid incalculable risks and violence as they are a well trained and educated group of men. Inculcating such an attitude in the personnel of this unit requires maintaining a highly balanced attitude.

So apart from their tough routines, they have to abjure frequent socialization to maintain a reserve and focused approach. Candidates who are specially suited to maintain this attitude are selected in the first place, as in order to obtain excellence only that feature of a personality could be groomed that already exists.

Seals actual wartime successful missions are numerous but for a very long time they could not be recognized as a special force. This often marred their efficacy and utility to a greater extent. Like in 1983 tension between the US and Grenada compelled the US to invade the island in order to rescue the US citizens living there.

SEAL Teams named as, 4 (Four) and 6 (Six) were designated the task to operate alongside the US forces. Unfortunately conventional officers treated Seals attached to them to assist in the mission as just another military force. Holdup in an airborne operation became cause of four members death. However, whenever used as a special force, Navy Seals came up to the expectations and achieved the desired results, as in Afghanistan and Iraq. Despite the stories of mixed success and failure, Navy Seals services in Vietnam, Grenada and Panama and other so many troubled zones cannot be undermined, whatsoever.


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More Information On The Navy SEALs

One very interesting department of the U.S. Navy is the Navy SEALs. This stands for Navy sea, air, and land teams. They are the major special operations force for the Navy. All member of the SEALs are male. The Seals came about during World War II when the military noted that they needed soldiers to scout the beaches for any obstacles for their proper landing.

Us Navy Seals

The training to become a Seal is very rigorous. It is one of the toughest military trainings in the world. Most people do not make it through the training with a drop out rate up to 90 percent. The program is over one year long of intense training. They are given the title SEAL after successful completion. However, once they have successfully finished, it can take as long as 30 months before they are sent on their first deployment.

To enter this program is voluntary. The enlistee or officer must be a U.S. citizen. Their age must range between 18 to 28. They must pass a SEAL physical test, and the person must be male with no exception.

The SEAL physical test consists of the following. The first thing that they must pass is a swim test with a breast stroke of five hundred yards in less than twelve and a half minutes. Competitive times are less than ten minutes. Forty-two push ups must be done in two minutes. Sit ups should be around fifty in two minutes.

To break down the actual SEAL training, enlisted men must complete between five to thirteen weeks of Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School. Half a year of Basic Underwater Demolition SEALS (BUDS)follows in Coronado. Finally, four months qualification training occurs.

There have been many assignments given to these soldiers. There are examples from each conflict that have put their expertise to use including Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and the current wars of Afghanistan and Iraq. More detailed information on their work in these wars can be searched online.

To find out more on how to become a SEAL, one can look at certain sites including those of the Navy. This will include contact information on a recruiter locally. Enlisted personnel can seek information from their superiors or at offices on their base. They would be more than happy to find new recruits for this very rigorous program.

Becoming a Navy SEAL is one that any graduate can be proud of as only a few people in the world ever attain the excellence that a program like this requires. They handle some of the most difficult cases in combat and in the military, in general. One should look up all of the requirements to become a part of the SEAL program. One should also get details on the specifics of the program before signing up to make sure that this is the right direction to go in. There are many areas to work in in the military, and this can be very grueling. However, some people were made for this challenge.

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An Overview of the Different US Navy Ranks – Rank, Pay, Benefits, How To Advance To The Next Rank

Those who join any branch of the military will find that they will be classified in ranks which is also used to designate the paygrade. The Navy has their own set of ranks, and an overview of the different US Navy ranks will be discussed in this article.

Us Navy Ranks

Many people who join the military will first enter as enlisted personnel. Many of these people might come out of high school and join the military. Their rank will be below a commissioned or warrant officer. Those who are enlisted will be assigned specific duties that they are assigned or that they also choose to do.

Examples of an enlisted ranking is a seaman or a petty officer. As a person moves along in their career, they will be promoted on to higher classes like petty officer third class or Chief Petty Officer. This means that they have earned the right to more responsibility and increased pay.

People who are enlisted can move on to become a commissioned officer. Again, this means a higher pay grade as well as more responsibility. Warrant officers are ranked from W2 to W5. They are not commissioned, and commissioned officers are ranked O1 through O10. Examples of commissioned officers are lieutenants, commander, captains, and admirals.

The jobs in the military vary widely because there are many duties to fill. People can work on a ship or on a naval base carrying out duties from administration to working on an aircraft carrier. Some people who join the Navy have gone through the military academy, and they are called midshipmen.

In order for people to move to the next rank, a person needs to perform well at the job that they are currently given. For example, a person will be evaluated from time to time to assure that their performance is up to par. Some positions will see people advance after they have fulfilled a duty for a certain length of time. It is always a good thing to ask superiors how they are doing to assure that they are meeting all criteria.

The benefits of the Navy include many perks as they want to take care of their personnel. There are many discounts offered the military. People will be moving around quite a bit compared to other jobs, and it can be a dangerous one. There are always counselors for any situation whether it be spiritual guidance, financial help, or education advancement. The Navy is a large entity which has nearly 500,000 active and inactive personnel. Health insurance is paid for as there are many good military hospitals for active duty and retired to go to seek care.

Being part of the military can be stressful yet still be a rewarding experience. People who join will fall under a certain rank depending on their experience and expertise. With hard work, everyone advances to the next level. People can also become officers if they choose to and meet the criteria for the positions. Many benefits are given to personnel as well.

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An Overview Of The US Navy

There are seven uniformed services of the U.S. military. There is the Army, Air Force, and Navy. The Marines is a division included in the Navy. Many of the bases in the Navy are found on the shores like San Diego, California and Norfolk, Virginia. The U.S. Navy is the largest in the world.

Us Navy

The naval fleet has almost 290 ships actively, and there are approximately 3,700 aircrafts in service. The mission of the the naval military is to deter aggression on the seas to maintain its freedom. The Navy is under the Department of the Navy. This office has civilian leadership called the Secretary of the Navy.

There currently are nearly 500,000 personnel working for the Navy both active and on reserve. About 80 percent are enlisted and the rest consists of commissioned officers. Commissioned officer ranks are graded from O1 to O10. O10 is the highest rank. O9 is Vice Admiral, and O10 is the rank of Admiral.

All military service takes uniform and appearance very seriously. Each branch has their own distinct attire. For the Navy, there is attire to be worn in either the summer or the winter time. The summer attire consists of a completely white uniform. There is a casual white uniform which can be worn daily to work. There is a cover or hat worn while outdoors. Covers must be taken off when indoors. There are also the dress whites to be worn for special occasions.

In the winter there are dress blues which should also be worn. There are khaki uniforms which can be used interchangeably in the winter and the summer. Shoes, belts, and coats are other parts of the attire that are worn. Everything must be well-kept as inspections will be held by superiors to assure that their subordinates are in line.

Another important part of attire are the ribbons that are worn on the uniform. For different accomplishments, personnel wear these ribbons to denote their skill sets. The more one has, the more impressive it is. This is the same for being awarded medals for certain types of service.

There are bases in many countries aside from the U.S. There are bases in Spain, Greece, Japan, and Italy. Other bases in the United States include one north of Chicago, Washington State, and in Florida.

Being a part of the military is more than a job. This commitment brings about community as well, as many enlisted personnel start off living on bases or a ship. They get to know their comrades well as well as their families. There is a long line of heritage with the military. People who go into the military have to meet certain requirements through a physical and a physical readiness test. This branch of the military helps to protect our seas and oceans from aggressors, and there are many departments in the Navy. There are bases in many different countries as well as the United States, and people in the military will have orders to go from one assignment to another depending on the needs of the government.

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