October 23, 2021

An Overview of What is Like To Live on US Navy Bases And Ships

People who enlist or become a part of the military will find that they will be living in a very different environment. They will either have to live on base or on a ship, and they many times will not be near home. Many times as a new recruit, the person will have to live in barracks with many other soldiers. This will be an overview of what is like to live on US Navy bases and ships.

Us Navy Bases

However, soon, personnel are able to live in military housing which is much like a regular home. Here, a soldier can have his family move in with him or her. Living on a Naval base can have many things that one would find in any other community. They try to offer their personnel some of the same comforts and necessities.

There is a commissary on most bases which is like a grocery store, but the great thing about being on a military base is that military personnel usually get discounted prices to help them save money. This helps those who are enlisted who are on a budget. There will also be gasoline stations which are also discounted.

Most bases have an exchange which is like a little shopping mall. People can buy things like clothes and make-up. Everything for the family is here including electronics. A base is always secured with military personnel guarding the entrances. Only military personnel are allowed on except for those who are let in by residents.

Depending on what base one goes to, there are will be plenty of areas to exercise. On large bases, it is almost like a rural area with the large amount of open space. People can keep in shape for their next physical fitness test.

Living on a ship is much different as things are much more cramped. A ship is a large structure which one might be surprised by things that are available for sailors aboard. There is a cafeteria aboard for everyone to have their meals which are prepared daily for the whole crew. Everyone has their workspace that they are assigned to, and these ships are like a large building with floors, elevators, and stairs to access them.

One thing that might interest people is where everyone sleeps. Sailors are given bunks which really are not very spacious to sleep in. There is a little extra space or storage for them to store their belongings safely. Many sailors are known to go on deck to get exercise when they need it.

Living on a base or a ship can be a little adventurous compared to those who live in a civilian neighborhood. There are military guards to protect residents on a base, and it will not be as busy as in many neighborhoods across the country. It tends to be quiet, but military housing will be very similar if one lives in a house. If one lives in barracks or a ship, quarters will be much closer with less privacy.

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