August 5, 2021

Seattle Fleet Week 2011

Seattle Fleet Week is right around the corner, as part of the Seafair celebrations, and there are tons of awesome events planned for Seattle as the U.S. Navy docks into port and Sailors disembark for a week of shore leave.

Seattle Fleet Week is huge part of the Seafair festivities, and an incredible event in its own right, and is a Seattle tradition.  Sailors from the Navy ships, USS Bonhomme Richard, USS Chafee, and USS Sampson, as well as US Coast Guard and Canadian Navy ships that dock for Fleet Week will fan out across the city to take advantage of all the excitement that Seattle has to offer, and Seattle residents get to go on ship tours, see great demonstrations, air shows, performances and other fun activities.

Seattle Fleet Week 2011

Seattle Fleet Week 2011

Photo Credit:  US Navy Flickr Page

Seattle Fleet Week 2011 Dates

Seattle Fleet Week lasts from Sunday July 31, 2011 to Monday August 8, 2011.

As always, Seattle Fleet Week coincides with the Seattle Seafair, and includes the Seafair Fleet Week Parade of Ships.

Ships and Ship Tours

The ships that will be here for Seattle Fleet Week, and open for ship tours, include:

US Navy

US Coast Guard

  • USCGC Mellon (WHEC 717)

Canadian Navy

  • HMCS Whitehorse (NCSM 705)
  • HMCS Nanaimo (NCSM 702)

Seattle Fleet Week Ship Tour Schedule

Ship Tours – Thursday, August 4 – Sunday, August 7
  • Thursday, August 4 – 9:30 am to 3:30 pm
  • Friday, August 5 – 9:30 am to 3:30 pm
  • Saturday, August 6 – 9:30 am to 3:30 pm
  • Sunday, August 7 – Noon to 3:30 pm
Ship tours are free.

Seattle Fleet Week Seafair Parade of Ships

  • Date:  Wednesday August 3, 2011
  • Time:  1:45PM
  • Location:  Seattle Waterfront

Demonstrations and other activities include:

  • Blue Angels Airshow
  • Ship Tours
  • Navy Band performances
  • Leap Frog Parachute Demonstration
  • Navy Suburban Tour
  • Navy Simulator

Boeing Air Show With US Navy Blue Angels

Seattle Fleet Week, Seafair, and Boeing are celebrating the Centennial of Naval Aviation with an air show including the US Navy Blue Angels.

For the air show schedule, visit:  Boeing Airshow at Seafair

Leap Frog Parachute Demonstration

The Leap Frogs are the US Navy parachute demonstration team, and is made up of members of the elite Navy SEALs and includes both Navy SEAL and SWCC special ops members.  The Navy SEALs are the elite forces that are responsible for killing Osama bin Laden.  While these aren’t the same SEALs in SEAL Team Six – you can still come out and meet a real-life Navy SEAL and give them props for what they’re doing.

Seattle Fleet Week 2011 Location

All of the ships will be docked at the Port of Seattle facilities Terminal 25, Terminal 46N and Pier 66.

Seattle Fleet Week 2011 Map and Directions

Directions to Terminal 25

Directions Terminal 46N

Directions to Pier 66

For more information about Seattle Fleet Week 2011:

Seattle Fleet Week Official Site

Seattle Seafair Site

US Navy Blue Angels

US Naval Academy Graduation Flyover

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels have announced that they will not be performing the flyover at the US Naval Academy (USNA) graduation and commissioning on May 27.

It is a long-standing tradition that the Blue Angels perform a fly-over at the graduation ceremony for US Naval Academy graduates, and there has been wide speculation whether they would perform as they are currently on a safety stand-down order due to unsafe manoevers at the Lynchburg Regional Air Show on May 22.

US Naval Academy Graduation Flyover

US Naval Academy Graduation

The USNA graduation flyover will now be performed by the Strike Fighter Squadron 143 (VFA-143), based out of Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia.


Blue Angels Announcement

Blue Angels Cancel Naval Academy Air Show

The Blue Angels, or as they are officially known – the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, have cancelled their planned air show that was scheduled for May 24 and 25 at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

The Blue Angels cancelled this air show because of a safety stand-down order issued by their commander in response to a low altitude manoever they performed at the Lynchburg Regional Air Show May 22 in Lynchburg, Virginia that was a little too low.

Blue Angels Cancel Naval Academy Air Show

Blue Angels Cancel Naval Academy Air Show

While the manoever did not result in an accident or crash, and no one was injured, it was too close for comfort so the Blue Angels have been grounded indefinitely, and will be in Pensacola, Florida, their home base, for additional training.

There is no end date given for their stand down order, so it is not clear whether they will do a fly-over at the U.S. Naval Academy, as is a long-standing tradition, or whether they will perform at the Millville Airshow, part of Philadelphia Navy Week, which is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend on May 28 and 29.

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