September 18, 2021

LA Navy Week 2011

LA Navy Week is here, and there are lots of great activities in store for everyone as the U.S. Navy rolls into port and Sailors disembark for a week of shore leave.

Called Fleet Week in other cities, LA Navy Week is when some of the Navy fleet comes home for some well deserved R&R, and is a chance for the Sailors to relax after a long deployment – but for Los Angeles area residents this is a great time to tour some of the Navy’s great warships, learn about what the Navy has been up to, and see demonstrations of our Navy in action.

Los Angeles Navy Week 2011

USS Abraham Lincoln arrives in Los Angeles for LA Navy Week 2011. ( file photo)

LA Navy Week 2011 Dates

LA Navy Week lasts from Monday July 25, 2011 to Sunday July 31, 2011.

This year’s LA Navy Week coincides with the exciting ESPN Summer X-Games 2011, like in years past.

Ships and Ship Tours

The Navy ships that will be here for LA Navy Week, and open for ship tours, include:

  • USS Abraham Lincoln, CVN-72, Aircraft Carrier
  • USS Princeton, CG 59, Cruiser
  • USS Chafee, DDG 90, Destroyer
  • USS Champion, MCM 4, Mine Counter Measures

Demonstrations and other activities include:

  • Ship Tours
  • Navy Band performances
  • Leap Frog Parachute Demonstration
  • Navy Suburban Tour
  • Navy Simulator

Leap Frog Parachute Demonstration

The Leap Frogs are the US Navy parachute demonstration team, and is made up of members of the elite Navy SEALs and includes both Navy SEAL and SWCC special ops members.  The Navy SEALs are the elite forces that are responsible for killing Osama bin Laden.  While these aren’t the same SEALs in SEAL Team Six – you can still come out and meet a real-life Navy SEAL and give them props for what they’re doing.

LA Navy Week 2011 Location

All of the ships will be docked at the Los Angeles World Cruise Center, located at Harbor Blvd. and 1st Street in San Pedro.

LA Navy Week 2011 Map and Directions

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For More Information:

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USS Abraham Lincoln Arrives in Los Angeles for LA Navy Week

Los Angeles Navy Week 2011 Ship Tour Schedule