September 18, 2021

Navy SEAL Change of Command

The Navy SEALS, the U.S. military Special Forces responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden, have a new leader. Rear Adm. Edward Winters III transferred command of the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Command to Rear Adm. Sean A. Pybus in a June 30th ceremony in Coronado, California. Rear Adm. Winters, who led the SEALS since 2008, will now serve as the deputy chief of the Office of Security Cooperation – Iraq.

Navy SEAL Change of Command

While commanding the SEALs over the last three years, Rear Adm. Winters oversaw a variety of organizational and operational changes. He developed four pillars that guided the SEALs through the last few years of conflict abroad: win the fight in Iraq and Afghanistan; prevent and deter future conflict; prepare for future conflict; and evolve and sustain the Force. Rear Adm. Winters viewed taking care of NSW families an important element of evolving and sustaining the Force. He made taking care of NSW families a priority, and he expanded many program designed to support these families while a member served. Winters explained that he believes that a Navy SEAL serves his or her best when, “foundation of information, accessibility, networking and empowerment is available to the entire NSW family.”

In order to support NSW families, Rear Adm. Winters elevated his Force Family Support Team director to the special assistant level. He also strengthened his Family Support staff and encouraged NSW families to use the NSW Family Support website, a site where NSW service members and their families can connect and get information about available resources, events and programs. When assuming command, Rear Adm. Pybus told Rear Adm. Winters, “I’m very proud to follow you here. I’m proud to follow the legacy you have built here and on the battlefield.”

Rear Adm. Pybus most recently served as the commander of Special Operations Command – Pacific. He has participated in or commanded Special Operations in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Rear Adm. Pybus is a career SEAL officer – he received his commission in 1979 through the University of Rochester’s ROTC program and completed the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training shortly after with class 105. As the leader of the Navy’s Special Warfare division, Rear Adm. Pybus will oversee over 8,300 servicemen and civilians including 2,300 active duty SEALs, 600 special combatant craft crewmen, 900 reservists, 3,650 support personnel, and 880 civilian workers.