September 18, 2021

Navy Embraces Google Plus

The Navy and other branches of military are using or are starting to use social networking sites like Google Plus to keep the citizens involved in what is going on.

The Navy posts updates on what happens throughout the day, videos and daily photos on some of the most popular social sites.

The Navy is looking to use Google Plus to reach out to Navy personnel, and their family and friends, as well as potential Navy recruits.

If you are interested in the Navy you could join them on Google Plus and ask questions, you would get a feel of how the Navy operates and it would assist you on deciding if you would like to join.

Also, Google + could be a great way to stay informed about your family member or loved on that’s in the Navy and on deployment.

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New Submarine – USS Mississippi

At a meeting of the Gulfport Business Club on August 2nd, Mayor George Schloegel announced that the USS Mississippi will be commissioned in Gulfport.

Mississippi submarine veterans have been lobbying the Navy, and the chosen site at the Gulfport Small Craft Harbor has been welcomed by them.

C.L. “Harv” Harvey, who served on Navy submarines in the Cold War, told the Sun Herald: “Every sub vet in the area is going to be thrilled. It’s a wonderful thing to have it named after the state and getting the commissioning here will be a tremendous boon.” Harvey said that local people had met with the likely commander of the sub, Navy Cmdr. John McGrath, and other officials, in their quest to get the sub commissioned in Gulfport.

The new Virginia-class submarine, measuring 377 feet long with a 34 foot diameter, began production in February 2007. The Virginia class is considered to be the ‘next generation’ of attack sub. Rather than a traditional periscope, it has two photonic masts mounted on telescopic arms. These house black and white, color and infrared digital cameras. The removal of the traditional barrel periscope means that the control room can be moved, allowing more room and an improved layout.

It can also launch Tomahawk cruise missiles and torpedoes, and has a control system that enables better shallow-water handling. The torpedo room is capable of housing a large number of special operation forces, along with their equipment. There are also large lock in/lock out chambers for divers. At speeds of 30 miles per hour and a depth of 800 feet, the Virginia-class submarine can carry approximately 135 personnel. Among the operations carried out by the Virginia-class subs are mine warfare, reconnaissance and intelligence.

It is anticipated that the USS Mississippi will remain at the Gulfport Small Craft Harbor for several days after the commission, so that locals can view it.

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USS George HW Bush Enters Persian Gulf via Strait of Hormuz

“There are many changes taking place within the US Navy at the moment. They are adding new ships, while others are touring to other countries. Recently the USS George H.W. Bush, which is an aircraft carrier, entered the Persian Gulf via Strait of Hormuz. Where is the Strait of Hormuz and why is it important? Why is this move important to the US and US Navy in general? As the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) entered the Straight of Hormuz, a former of CIA, named Robert Baer predicted that there will be an Israel-Iran war by September of 2011. Why does Mr. Baer believe there will be a war in September? What does the USS George H.W. Bush have to do with it?

Mr. Baer states many issues for this, including a falling media empire in the UK, the global economic crisis, and by how many US aircrafts are located according to a new map published. The USS George H.W. Bush, is the first US aircraft carrier to enter Straight of Hormuz in months. Strait of Hormuz is a strategically waterway located the Gulf of Omen (north coast of Pakistan and Iran)and the Persia Gulf.

The US Navy currently only has two aircraft carriers located outside of US boarders. The USS George H.W. Bush and the USS Ronald Reagan, they are both located in the middle east, on opposite sides of the coast. The USS George H.W. Bush, is the newest aircraft carrier. What makes Mr. Baer a creditable source?

He’s not like other CIA members. He wrote a book called ‘Syriana’, which was turned into a major motion picture, starring Hollywood actor George Clooney. Mr. Clooney won an Oscar by playing a character based on Mr. Baer in the film. Mr. Baer has had a long career, including a stint in Iran in the 1990s.

What would Obama do if another war broke out? Would the United States be a part of this war? What would this mean for all the soldiers (in all branches of the US Military) that are supposed to come home from war starting in September?”

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An Overview Of The US Navy

There are seven uniformed services of the U.S. military. There is the Army, Air Force, and Navy. The Marines is a division included in the Navy. Many of the bases in the Navy are found on the shores like San Diego, California and Norfolk, Virginia. The U.S. Navy is the largest in the world.

Us Navy

The naval fleet has almost 290 ships actively, and there are approximately 3,700 aircrafts in service. The mission of the the naval military is to deter aggression on the seas to maintain its freedom. The Navy is under the Department of the Navy. This office has civilian leadership called the Secretary of the Navy.

There currently are nearly 500,000 personnel working for the Navy both active and on reserve. About 80 percent are enlisted and the rest consists of commissioned officers. Commissioned officer ranks are graded from O1 to O10. O10 is the highest rank. O9 is Vice Admiral, and O10 is the rank of Admiral.

All military service takes uniform and appearance very seriously. Each branch has their own distinct attire. For the Navy, there is attire to be worn in either the summer or the winter time. The summer attire consists of a completely white uniform. There is a casual white uniform which can be worn daily to work. There is a cover or hat worn while outdoors. Covers must be taken off when indoors. There are also the dress whites to be worn for special occasions.

In the winter there are dress blues which should also be worn. There are khaki uniforms which can be used interchangeably in the winter and the summer. Shoes, belts, and coats are other parts of the attire that are worn. Everything must be well-kept as inspections will be held by superiors to assure that their subordinates are in line.

Another important part of attire are the ribbons that are worn on the uniform. For different accomplishments, personnel wear these ribbons to denote their skill sets. The more one has, the more impressive it is. This is the same for being awarded medals for certain types of service.

There are bases in many countries aside from the U.S. There are bases in Spain, Greece, Japan, and Italy. Other bases in the United States include one north of Chicago, Washington State, and in Florida.

Being a part of the military is more than a job. This commitment brings about community as well, as many enlisted personnel start off living on bases or a ship. They get to know their comrades well as well as their families. There is a long line of heritage with the military. People who go into the military have to meet certain requirements through a physical and a physical readiness test. This branch of the military helps to protect our seas and oceans from aggressors, and there are many departments in the Navy. There are bases in many different countries as well as the United States, and people in the military will have orders to go from one assignment to another depending on the needs of the government.

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