August 5, 2021

US Navy Ships Attack Libya

US Navy ships are part of the UN coalition attack on Libya to enact and enforce a no-fly-zone in Libya, according to the LA Times.

Navy Strike Against Libya Tomahawk Cruise Missiles

The UN coalition includes forces from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Canada.  The coalition also includes Arab states, who will be announcing their participation separately, according to the Pentagon.

While US Navy officials stated earlier in the week that Navy ships and personnel would not play a major role in any military action in Libya, but Pentagon officials have stated that US warships have launched approximately 110 tomahawk cruise missiles as a part of the attack.

Bloomberg is reporting that over 25 naval vessels from the U.S., Italy, and Canada are involved in what is being called ‘Operation Odyssey Dawn’.

U.S. Ships include the USS Mount Whitney, which is operating as a command vessel.

While only air and missile strikes have been confirmed, it is not clear whether Navy Seals are involved in this operation, or if ground troops will be used at all.

Minimal Role For Navy in Libya No-Fly-Zone

As the fight rages on between rebels and Moammar Gadhafi’s regime, NATO and allies are discussing possible plans for implementing a no-fly-zone in Libya.

Libya No Fly Zone

The US Navy will likely play a very minimal role in any potential Libya no-fly-zone.

While details are still being discussed and nothing has been agreed, and a no-fly-zone is not immediately imminent according to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, it is clear that there will be a minimal role for the US Navy in effecting any potential Libya no-fly-zone.

According to the Navy Times, the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise is in the Red Sea, which is just a day’s sail away from the Mediterranean, will not be repositioned as part of a possible no-fly-zone according to top Navy officials.